The Finnish Country Committee on Archives on Anti-Colonial Resistance and Liberation Struggle in Namibia (AACRLS)

Primary objective: To document the Finnish support to the liberation struggle in Southern Africa with focus on Namibia through oral history, scanning documents and photos, identifying key persons. To repatriate documents and photos to the National Archives of Namibia.
Location: Helsinki, Finland
Duration: 2005-2007
Project Coordinator: Liisa Hovila-Helminen, Mission Museum
Contact details:
Mission Museum
PL 154
(visiting adress: Tähtitorninkatu, 18)
00141 Helsinki, Finland
Phone: +358 9 1297343
Fax: +358 9 1297353

As a part of Nordic cooperation within the Archives on Anti-Colonial Resistance and Liberation Struggle in Namibia, the AACRLS Finnish Country Committee works with 1) charting the sources of documents that exist in Finland, and their digitalisation; 2) beginning the collection of oral histories of Finnish participants in the struggle; 3) expert help in creating a system and organisation in Namibia for archiving the picture and other documentary materials collected in Finland.

The Nordic Africa Institute, Box 1703, SE-752 36 Uppsala, Sweden
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Visitors' address: Villavägen 6, Uppsala

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Follow this link to read a progress report from the AACRLS project (pdf).