ANC in Mozambique

Primary objective: To publish a book on ANC in Mozambique in English and Portuguese in South Africa and Mozambique respectively.
Location: Maputo, Mozambique
Duration of project: 2006-2008
Project manager: Nadja Manghezi (author)
Contact details:

Xenophobia has been growing for over a decade in South Africa, exploding in its most vicious form in recent years – and doing so against black foreigners in a country that is fighting racism. But worse, the victims are from neighbouring countries that, twenty years ago, gave up their own security, development and even lives to receive South Africans, victims of and fighters against apartheid. It angered me and provoked me to write this book. - From the preface

The Maputo Connection is an intimate history of the relationship between the ANC and the peoples of Mozambique, a reflection on the personal sacrifices that accompanied their support of South African freedom fighters and a profound gesture of respect to the country that understood that without the liberation of South Africa there would be no liberation of southern Africa.

Based on interviews with more than forty people from the ANC community in Maputo in the 1970s and 1980s, the book is a vivid record of the period of the South African liberation struggle as experienced in Mozambique. It charts the shifts in the relationship between the South African and Mozambican liberation movements - the African National Congress (ANC) and Frelimo - through the direct testimonies of the people in Mozambique who either belonged to the ANC or where closely associated with the movement.

The authenticity of the interviews and the stories that emerge as a result build a three- dimensional picture of life as it was experienced, conveying what the events entailed and what they felt like for the people involved.

About the Author
Nadja Manghezi lived in Mozambique in the early years of the country’s independence from Portugal. She and her husband Alpheus politically supported the new Mozambique, and participated in the exiled struggle of the ANC. She was part of the ANC Education Committee, and worked with the Women’s Section and the Cultural Group, while finding safe houses and cultivating links between potential hosts and underground activities.

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Amizade Traída e Recuperada by Nadja Manghezi (2007)

The book cover of Amizade traída e recuperada : o ANC em Moçambique (1976-1990) by Nadja Manghezi (2007).

The Maputo Connection by Nadja Manghezi (2009)

Book cover of "The Maputo Connection : ANC Life in the World of Frelimo" (2009) by Nadja Manghezi.