The NGO Solidarity with Southern Africa

Primary objective: To document the solidarity work and activism of the grass-root movement in Sweden as regards the struggle for liberation in Southern Africa. The civil society played an important role in forming Swedish foreign policy, and the project strives to safeguard the memories of this; to reflect on results; to stimulate academic research within the field; and to present an analysed picture of sectoral collaboration within Swedish society for future generations.

Duration of project: 2005-2007
Project manager: Bertil Högberg and the Africa Goups of Sweden

The History Project will in total produce six volumes in Swedish, one from each project and the sixth book will combine all five and show the interrelatedness and collaboration between movements. This volume will also be translated into English.

Africa Groups of Sweden – the book will reflect on occurrences, themes, breaking points, problems and successes. The roots of the Africa Groups can be found in local groups formed during the years of boycotting at the beginning of the 1960's, melting together on a national level in the 1970’s.

Isolate South Africa Committee – will tell the story of all the organisations active under its umbrella and the campaigns and boycotts ISAK succeeded in organising from 1979 to 1994.

Practical Solidarity – acted as an umbrella organisation for Emmaus Björkå, Emmaus Stockholm, the Gävle Biståndsgrupp and Bread and Fishes. These organisations, together with no longer existing ones in other parts of Sweden, carried out the very practical solidarity work of collecting material, clothes and money to send to various camps and organisations in the South.

Olof Palme International Centre – will coordinate the stories of the labour movement and the unions with the work of the Centre.

Christian Council of Sweden – the churches in Sweden were engaged from the very beginning on all levels in the anti-apartheid struggle.

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