Primary objective: To create a documentation centre based on the materials collected by Lucio Lara, in order to preserve and inform about the history of liberation struggle in Angola.
Duration of project: 2006-2010
Project manager: Wanda Lara and the Tchiweka Association
Location: Rua Comandante Stona, nº 124, Luanda, Angola
Contact details: Associação Tchiweka de Documentação ATD []

Francisco Sabino, interpreter, and Ms Wanda Lara, project coordinator for Tchiweka at the Archives and Digitalisation workshop in Namibia, 21-23 November 2006.

The project will be open to the public and make the archives available for research. The materials consist of manuscripts, photographs, letters, and publications etc. from the Lucio Lara collections. The project also aims at digitalising documents in order to make them more readily available. Parts of the documentation will be included in a second publication. The first publication contains annotated comments by Lucio Lara. The Tchiweka Centre (in Portuguese) also aims at being a documentation centre to which private persons and organisations feel safe to donate their materials.

The work that the Nordic Documentation Project  financed based on the Agreement (2007 - 2008) that was signed by Tchiweka Centre and the Nordic Africa Institute was successfully completed in 2008. The centre has published three volumes from the Lucio Lara collections. The books cover three different periods (up until February of 1961, 1961-1962, and 1963-1964). 

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"Um Amplo Movimento" by Lucio Lara

This work consists of three volumes, covering the early history of the MPLA through the notes and corresondence of Lucio Lara. Read more here about this publication.

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