Dissemination Activity at the conference on Memory, Archives and Human Rights

Erik Norberg and Jens Boel

Erik Norberg, former Swedish National Archivist and Jens Boel, Chief Archivist, UNESCO. Photo by Proscovia Svärd.

The conference took place on the 4th and 5th of June, 2009 in Copenhagen, at the Danish Parliament and in Malmö at the Malmö Museum.

Programme (pdf)

The conference was organized by the Danish Archival Association, The City Archives of Malmö and The Working Group on Archives and Human Rights within the International Council on Archives (ICA). It was opened by the Minister of Education, Mr. Bertel Haarder and Ms. Pernille Frahm who is a Member of Parliament made the first presentation. She was followed by the Mr. Johan Peter Noack, who is the Danish National Archivist and Mr. Mactar Ndoye who was from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations. A keynote address was delivered by Mr. Ian Wilson, who is the President of the International Council on Archives (ICA).

The Nordic Documentation Project Co-ordinator participated with a paper entitled “The Nordic Documentation Project: The Role of the Records and Human Rights.” The work of the Nordic Documentation Project was presented and a DVD which demonstrates the materials available on the website and the database was distributed to the conference participants. The books on Sweden, Finland and Denmark and the National Liberation in Southern Africa were also distributed free of charge to the participants.

Proceedings of the conference will be published by the conference organizers.

Graham Dominy

Mr. Graham Dominy, South African National Archivist. Photo by Proscovia Svärd.

conference participants

Workshop participants. Photo by Proscovia Svärd.

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