Dissemination Meeting: University of Joensuu, Department of History Finland, 28-29 May, 2009

participants in the meeting

Harri Siiskonen and Proscovia Svärd with four participants. Photo by Mikko Helminen

The work of the Nordic Documentation Project was disseminated at a meeting held on the 28 – 29 June, at the Department of History, University of Joensuu. The meeting was organized by Professor Harri Siiskonen in collaboration with Proscovia Svärd, the Project Co-ordinator of the Nordic Documentation Project. Harri Siiskonen is a professor in General History and is deeply involved with Namibia. He is also involved in the historic documentation of the church missions in Namibia and he is a member of the Board of the Finnish Country Committee on Archives on Anti-Colonial Resistance and Liberation Struggles in Namibia (AACRLS) in Helsinki. The AACRLS project is one of the projects that were financed by the Documentation Project.

The presentation that was made by the Ms. Svärd focused on the project database and the website, the international conferences that have financially been supported under the auspices of the project to harness the discourse on the Southern African liberation struggles and the support that has been extended to both Nordic and African institutions to organize the archival materials documenting the history of the liberation struggles. Discussions were pursued with the audience regarding the further use of the work of the project and I also informed them about the concluding workshop that the Institute is organizing in Pretoria, in South Africa in November, 2009. The workshop aims to bring together both Nordic and Southern African Institutions, with the hope of creating a network of institutions that will further the work that has so far been done on the liberation struggles history by the Nordic Documentation Project and documentation initiatives that have taken place in Africa. This is in an endeavour to create knew knowledge on post-liberation struggles, human rights, democracy, accountability, reconciliation and development.

Information brochures on the different institute’s activities of the Nordic Africa Institute, copies of books on the Nordic countries and National Liberation in Southern Africa and DVDs with a short video that demonstrates the database and the materials available on the website were distributed at the meeting.

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