Namibian delegation visit the Nordic Africa Institute on March 23, 2009

On the 23rd of March, the Institute received a delegation from Namibia which was headed by Mr. Per Sandén who is a Chief Technical Advisor at the SWAPO Party Archives & Research Centre. The aim of the visit was to localize archives on the liberation struggles of SWAPO that could be found in Sweden, and to meet with people who were involved in the solidarity work. The delegation was also interested in the work of the Nordic Documentation Project. They were received by Mrs. Proscovia Svärd, Project Co-ordinator of the Documentation Project and were later taken on a tour of the Institute’s library by the Chief Librarian, Mrs. Åsa Lund-Moberg. After the library tour they met with the Director, Mrs. Carin Norberg who presented the work that the Nordic Africa Institute does. They were also given a presentation of the work of the Documentation Project by Mrs. Proscovia Svärd and Mr. Magnus Calais. They received some publications on Namibia and the Nordic countries and national liberation in Southern Africa, a DVD with copies of the documents of the Tor Sellström archives and a CD with samples of the Namibia pamphlet collection that can be physically accessed at the Institute’s library. Mrs. Kaatry Imalwa who is the Director of Policy Heritage and Social Affairs talked about the Ministry of Veterans Affairs which is a newly established ministry charged with the documentation of the liberation struggles in Namibia.

A gift handed over to NAI's director

Mrs. Kaatry Imalwa, handing over a gift to the Director of the Institute.

Namibian delegation and hosts

From the left Mr. Maxton Shitilife, Chief Technician, Ms. Proscovia Svärd, Project Co-ordinator, Mr. Paul E. Shihengo, First Secretary – Political Embassy of Namibia, Ms. Kaastry Imalwa, Director, Policy, Heritage and Social Affairs, Ms. Inonge Shakwa, Chief Policy Analyst and Investigator at the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and Mr. Calais Magnus, Research Assistant.

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