A number of people in Sweden, South Africa and Namibia have been interviewed concerning their participation in the liberation struggle. The focus is on their personal stories; why did they become involved, what did they do and what contacts did they make? Many of them knew each other and several share memories and momentums, but each and every story is also a unique testimony of personal sacrifices and international friendships in the fight for freedom.

In 2008 and 2009 interviews were also conducted with former activists on Iceland. This was done in an attempt to shed light on Icelandic involvement in the liberation struggles of Southern Africa, as no centralised archives exist on Iceland providing documentation on this involvement as yet.

Interviews sorted by country
The interviewees have been listed according to the various countries their stories concern. A person can therefore be listed under Sweden, because he/she is Swedish, but also under Angola and under Mozambique for having worked in/with those countries or related liberation movements.

Interviews sorted by name
The interviewees are sorted by their surname.

Most of the interviews were conducted by Bertil Högberg and Madi Gray, both with decades of involvement in the struggle for freedom in southern Africa, Bertil within the Africa Groups of Sweden, and Madi as a South African in exile. Their own interviews can also be found here.

Lennart Wohlgemuth, former Director of the Nordic Africa Institute, has conducted interviews of former colleagues and friends.

Proscovia Svärd Project Co-ordinator for the Nordic Documentation Project on the Liberation Struggles in Southern Africa 2008-2009 carried out the interviews on Iceland.

Tor Sellström conducted around 80 interviews during his work as project coordinator at the Nordic Africa Institute. The interviews can also be found in the publication Liberation in Southern Africa - Regional and Swedish Voice.

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the interviewers

Read a presentation of the interviewers Bertil Högberg, Madi Gray, Tor Sellström, Lennart Wohlgemuth and Proscovia Svärd.

NB Most of the interviews are in English.