The Nordic Africa Institute published a series of books on the liberation struggle in Southern Africa and the Nordic countries as a result of the research project 'National Liberation in Southern Africa: The Role of the Nordic Countries', coordinated by Tor Sellström. A total of six volumes were produced. One of the volumes contains interviews with numerous Southern African and Swedish leaders; the others focus on Sweden, Finland, Norway and Denmark respectively. 

While the series on National Liberation and the Nordic Countries, give a unique testimony of the Nordic support, its main focus is on the official support. Therefore, the grass-root movement in Sweden started its own project, the History Project, in order to capture the depth of civil society. Seven books were published in total - one in Swedish.

Other publications on the liberation struggle in Southern Africa and the Nordic involvement can also be found below. All books are available for download as pdf files.


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Download the workshop report

Workshop report by Chris Saunders

Selected papers from the Nordic Africa Documentation Project workshop, 26-27 November 2009, Pretoria, South Africa. Edited by Chris Saunders. (2010).

Download fulltext from publications database DiVA.

The Maputo Connection by Nadja Manghezi (2009)

Book cover of "The Maputo Connection : ANC Life in the World of Frelimo" (2009) by Nadja Manghezi.

A result of a project within the Nordic Documentation Project, of which the primary objective was to publish a book on ANC in Mozambique. Read more.

Um Amplo Movimento by Lucio Lara

Three volumes covering the early history of the MPLA through the notes and corresondence of Lucio Lara. Read more.