Yngve Kalin's scrapbooks

These articles are part of a larger collection on African liberation struggles spanning the years 1981-1990. It was compiled by Yngve Kalin while he was stationed in Swaziland working as a pastor for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Southern Africa – Eastern Diocese. The collection is now located, and can be accessed in the Pamphlet Collection in the Nordic Africa Institute library.

newspaper article

The material in this file contains 20 scanned news articles that have been extracted from a larger collection on African liberation struggles. These scanned articles address the national liberation struggle in South Africa, specifically focusing on the conflict between the apartheid government and the main resistance party the African National Congress – the ANC. They span the decade of the 1980’s and range from South African daily newspapers to weekly American newsmagazines, and include articles from the Swedish and Swazi press. Hence, the information here is in both English and Swedish.

These articles mainly address the violence that South Africa experienced during this final decade of apartheid rule. Reports of clashes between security forces and the local resistance groups are complemented by discussions and analyses of the political situation in general. Furthermore, a few articles comment, or give recommendations on how to interpret and improve the volatile state. Some of the more reoccurring themes include economic sanctions, the destabilization of the region of southern Africa as a whole, as well as the strategies and aims of the ANC.  

While a few articles choose to cover the struggle by centring on personal stories of key individuals in the resistance movement, others have a more expansive focus. They analyze primarily the political climate in the region, specifically how the internal struggle for liberation was spilling over into neighbouring countries, and affecting relations within the entire region. The range of topics is broad, stretching from reports on political graffiti in Cape Town and the vitality of a refugee camp in Swaziland to more analytical pieces dealing with the organization and tactics of the anti-apartheid movement, particularly the ANC. For those who are unfamiliar with the history of the conflict, or in need of a reminder, there is an article from the Sunday Times that provides a time-line in pictures and short captions presenting key events in the history of the conflict. 

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